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Welcome to Local 537

Local 537 is devoted and dedicated to promoting, protecting, and championing the legitimate struggles of professional, office, and clerical employees toward achieving an improved lifestyle, economic well-being, their general welfare, and rights as workers and citizens.

3229 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107 · Phone: 626-577-5600 · Fax: 626-577-0100

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we report on the unexpected passing of one of Local 537's titan members, Stephen "Big Steve" Allen, who passed away in his sleep on April 7.

Brother Allen was a twenty-five-year member of Local 537, who worked at SAG-AFTRA for 17 years, where he was an active and involved team member in the labor movement and a most beloved member of the SAG-AFTRA team. Prior to that, he worked at SEIU Local 660.  He was a part of several negotiation committees, and worked tirelessly to help attain the best agreements for his bargaining unit brothers and sisters.

He was a larger-than-life man, with a mammoth heart, who loved and cared for everybody with whom he worked. He knew everybody in the SAG-AFTRA building, as well as those who worked and patronized at businesses nearby. Each day, his arrival in the morning was loud and joyous and set the harmonious tone for the workplace. 

This one-of-a-kind man left an empty space too huge for any one person to fill. The sadness we feel at Local 537, as well as his coworkers at SAG-AFTRA, is tremendous and we mourn the loss of this great man with the huge spirit. RIH, Brother Allen.

We are accepting applications for the Maria Landa-Rios Memorial Scholarship.  This scholarship is in honor of Ms. Landa-Rios, who was president of Local 537 before her passing in 2001.  Ms. Landa-Rios’ passion was education and the importance of attending college.  One (1) scholarship, in the amount of twelve-hundred dollars ($1,200.00) will be awarded to a member of OPEIU Local 537, their spouse, or child, who is attending, or is registered to attend, an accredited college or university.  Please click here for the application.  The deadline is May 1, 2017, and the award recipient will be announced at the Membership Meeting on May 17, 2017.  

The Romeo Coirbeil/Gilles Beauregard Summer Camp awards children of OPEIU members a chance to go to Summer Camp.

Information, and applications, on the 2017 scholarships are available by
clicking here.

Service Award Ceremony

At the January 18, 2017 Membership Meeting/Awards Ceremony, members received their pins for years of service to OPEIU Local 537.  From left are Danny Bojorquez, 10 years; Executive Board Member Rosa Rodriguez, 20 years; Rosie Borzilieri, 35 years; and Ruth Nukala, 40 years. Congratulations to all!

Members of Local 537 having fun doing their version of the Mannequin Challenge after the Membership Meeting.

Stop the TPP - Trans-Pacific Partnership


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