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Welcome to Local 537

Local 537 is devoted and dedicated to promoting, protecting, and championing the legitimate struggles of professional, office, and clerical employees toward achieving an improved lifestyle, economic well-being, their general welfare, and rights as workers and citizens.

3229 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107 · Phone: 626-577-5600 · Fax: 626-577-0100

Annual Membership Recognition Awards - Service Pin Request

We invite you to celebrate with us as we recognize our brothers and sisters on their years of service with OPEIU Local 537. Our “Annual Membership Recognition Awards” takes place on January 17, 2018 at our General Membership Meeting. Members who have five or more years of continuous membership, in 5-year increments, will be recognized for their service.

If you would like to be recognized and receive your pin, please click here to fill out the request form.

How to Help California Wildfire Victims

Devastating wildfires are continuing to burn in areas of Southern California — and hundreds of thousands of people are in need of help.

Numerous nonprofits are providing support on the ground for those who are affected by the six wildfires burning up and down the state.  While the Thomas Fire is the largest and most devastating wildfire, it is not the only one.   The counties of Los Angeles (Creek, Rye, and Skirball fires), San Bernardino (Little Mountain fire), San Diego (Lilac fire), and Riverside (Liberty fire), are all affected.

The United Way of Ventura County, and the Ventura County Sheriff's office have created a service for the Thomas Fire that allows anyone to text 41444 to make cash donations. You can also make a donation over the phone at 805-485-6288. The proceeds of the fund will go directly to residents affected by the fire.

Salvation Army is asking for donations to support its work. Those wishing to donate can do so by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

Red Cross is taking $10 donations via text. You can text "REDCROSS" to 90999, visit their website, or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.

The Humane Society in Ventura County is accepting donations of horse feed, tarps, rope, and batteries to help horses that were evacuated from staples. The society has taken in at least 300 animals since the start of the fires. Donations can be dropped off at their location, 402 Bryant St. in the city of Ojai, and cash donations can be made on their website.

The Humane Society’s San Diego chapter is also accepting monetary donations online and supplies including wire crates and bottled water at its San Diego campus on 5500 Gaines St. and at its Escondido location at 3450 E. Valley Parkway.

Identity Protection

OPEIU is pleased to announce its newest membership benefit free for all members – identity protection.

Now all OPEIU members will have a proactive, comprehensive defense against identity theft, all at no cost to you, our members.  OPEIU has contracted one of the nation’s leading identity protection solutions, InfoArmor®, to protect members against this $16 billion crime that impacted almost 15.4 million Americans last year.  Click the image to read about highlights of the benefit, or go to the International's website here to receive more information.

OPEIU Towing Service

OPEIU is pleased to report that the OPEIU Towing/Service Calls program is still a big hit with our members. 
We are constantly reviewing the plan, making adjustments where necessary to ensure the program is most useful to our members and cost-effective for the union. In an effort to tighten the plan to achieve both those goals, we have instituted a few changes that went into effect October 1, 2017. These changes should have no impact on the high-level of service provided to our members, but rest assured, we will regularly review and make adjustments as needed to ensure quality control.
As always, all members will be entitled to up to two tows per year, valued at up to $100 each – $80 for the tow, plus a $20 administrative fee paid by OPEIU. In the past, OPEIU has allowed the tow limit to be upward of $100 PLUS the $20 administrative fee, making the actual value of each tow up to $120. Going forward we are enforcing the $100 limit, so each tow’s maximum will be $80, plus the $20 administrative fee paid by the union, and the member will be responsible for any amount that exceeds $80 for any tow/service call. A review of the plan’s usage over the past years indicates that the average tow/service call cost is approximately $70 plus the administrative fee, so this change is likely to affect very few members. 
Our service provider, Nation Safe Drivers, informs us that our towing radius of up to 25 miles is extremely generous and much more than the industry average. Our plan’s usage reports also indicate that our average tow is 15 miles or less, therefore, we are reducing our towing coverage area from 25 miles to 15 miles. 
We are encouraging our members to use our network providers only.  If a towing provider outside of the network is used, OPEIU will now only reimburse up to $50 to any member who submits a receipt for service.  It is not OPEIU policy to reimburse and that members should only use the OPEIU Towing/Service Calls Program through Nation Safe Drivers.  Here is what you need to access the OPEIU program:
            OPEIU Towing/Service Calls Program designated toll-free number:  800-617-2677
            Producer Code: 74046
            Plan Letter: C
            Local union number/employer 

Finally, we are also making an effort to make the OPEIU Membership Benefits program a paperless endeavor, and have posted the towing card – along with other OPEIU benefit materials – on the OPEIU website at and on the OPEIU app, which is available for free download at the App Store and Google Play by searching OPEIU. We encourage you to download the app today.

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The new OPEIU app is a great way to stay connected to your union, learn more about your membership benefits, find links to OPEIU's social media networks, and much more.  Available for free download for iPhones at the App Store and for Android devices at Google Play by searching OPEIU.  Click on the Store links to get the apps.

Working People Want Freedom - Not Corporation Overreach

A powerful coalition of small business owners, community leaders and regular working people from every corner of Missouri delivered 163 boxes of petitions with 310,567 signatures to halt a new right to work law and put the brakes on corporate and right-wing overreach.

The signatures represent almost three times more than what’s needed to put the new right to work law on the ballot, so voters can decide whether Missouri should enact a law that lowers pay and makes workplaces more dangerous.
On average, pay in right to work states is $681 dollars less per month, and the chances of being killed on the job is 49% higher. 

Business owners and workers alike said right to work should be rejected for needlessly interfering in the workplace. 

America’s working people stand in solidarity with the working people of Missouri. 


Congress Sues Donald Trump!

On June 14, 2017, 196 members of Congress filed a suit to protect the Constitution from Donald J. Trump.  President Trump is in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.  Please click the image above for more information.

Stop the TPP - Trans-Pacific Partnership


Disclaimer: The information provided on this website should not be solely relied upon, as it is based on currently available information that is subject to change.  If you have any specific questions concerning the information contained on this website, please contact OPEIU Local 537.