Who We Are

OPEIU Local 537 was granted its charter in Burbank, California on January 1, 1993. OPEIU Local 537 has more than 1,400 members. The bargaining units range in size from 1 person to more than 100. Local 537 is a democratically run organization owned and operated by its members.

OPEIU Local 537 is devoted and dedicated to promoting, protecting, and championing the legitimate struggles of professional, office, and clerical employees toward achieving an improved lifestyle, economic well-being, their general welfare, and rights as workers and citizens.

We negotiate and administer over 130 labor agreements supporting 1,400 clerical and professional staff in the Trade Unions, Building and Construction Unions, Credit Unions, Labor Federations, Law Firms, and others in Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland/DC Area, New Jersey, Missouri, Utah, Kentucky, and other areas around the country.  Click here for a complete listing of employers.

Local 537 is affiliated with the AFL-CIO, California Labor Federation, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, Orange County Labor Federation, San Diego-Imperial Counties Central Labor Council, Tri-Counties Central Labor Council, and the Central Labor Council of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

Belonging to OPEIU Local 537, enables you to have the backing of an international union that has over 110,000 members strong.  Review the information on our website, call our office at 626-577-5600, or click here for more information.  With OPEIU Local 537 on your team, we can make a difference.  You are not alone with OPEIU Local 537.


Office and Professional Employees International Union was chartered in 1945 and with over 100,000 members strong, we’re one of the larger unions of the AFL-CIO.  OPEIU has local unions in every state, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.  You are not alone when you join with OPEIU.

OPEIU members work in many settings as varied as banking and credit unions, benefits administration, utilities, offices and more. 

Professional organizations and guilds affiliated with the OPEIU are a diverse group which includes the building and construction trades, entertainment unions, financial institutions, law firms, and telecommunications. Affiliation with the OPEIU has given these groups more legislative clout and greater access to people who need their services.

More information on OPEIU can be found our International's website at www.opeiu.org.