Support Services


Legal Representation
OPEIU Local 537 attorneys represent the Union on Local issues only.  Members can obtain legal services for personal needs through Union Plus

Research & Education Department
Upon request from local unions, R & E will:
Analyze local OPEIU contracts and compensation.
Provide information on legislation.
Provide grievance and arbitration assistance.
Provide the financial status of companies.
Provide expertise on benefits, etc.
All these activities support the work of the collective bargaining, organizing, and other departments, as well as local and national officers. 

Strike / Defense Fund
A fraction of your dues is earmarked for the OPEIU International Union's defense fund that will:
Support OPEIU members in the USA and Canada who are forced to take strike action.
Support public sector employees in their legislative struggles to achieve a decent contract.
Assist a local incurring unusual legal expenses in defense of its members and/or contracts.

Publications & Public Relations
OPEIU International publishes the International's Research News, the Steward Manual, and Policy Statements, the new members' booklet, as well as writing various brochures and newsletters for use by the International or local unions.

International acts as a liaison with the media to publicize OPEIU achievements and union activities.

White Collar Newspaper
International publishes the membership's newspaper White Collar, which is delivered to your home

Legislative Affairs
International fights OPEIU battles before the U.S. Congress and in the state legislative houses.  OPEIU is constantly monitoring the legislative agenda and ensuring that the U.S. Congress is aware of the members' position on issues that concern their lives.

Scholarship Funds
Click here for a listing of available scholarships.

Money-saving Benefits
Save on everyday consumer products and services. These discounts help you save on everything from hearing health care to car rentals and more!


You are making an investment in the profession you have chosen as your career, through your union dues.  Local 537 and OPEIU International will continue to provide the services that protect the contractual and legal rights OPEIU members have earned and deserve.