Members have access to an array of benefits through the Union Privilege program, on a wide variety of items, travel, and dining.
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All members in good standing are eligible for a$2,000.00 death benefit and a $2,000.00 accidental death and dismemberment benefit.  These benefits are provided at no cost to OPEIU members.  Member certificates may be obtained on the International's website. In order to receive benefits, as defined on the certificates, all members in good standing of the OPEIU with 12 or more consecutive months of membership shall be covered for these benefits.  A member's good standing and eligibility is forfeited if the member is more than 2 months in arrears in Dues during the 14 month period prior to death, exclusive of the month of death.

An Explanation of Forms can be found here.

The following information should be included in the forms you submit: The Policy Holder is OPEIU and for the Policy#, the Plan Group is OPEIU AFL-CIO, CLC (260C92)

Basic Life Enrollment Form is to be completed, signed and witnessed for all members employees eligible for the life insurance program. This form contains Beneficiary Information which should be retained at your office for submission in the event of a claim. All newly hired employees to be covered under this group insurance must fill out an enrollment form. The Enrollment Form should be submitted to Amalgamated with the Notice of Death form.

Change of Beneficiary and/or Change of Name Form to be used if an employee has completed an enrollment form, and he or she is changing either his/her choice of beneficiary or his/her name.

Waiver of Premium Application has a two part application and is only applicable to those employees who become totally disabled prior to age 60. 

Request for Conversion Application is for individuals who were covered for life insurance under the group policy and who subsequently terminate employment and wish to convert to an individual life insurance policy for which they would pay their own premiums; OR Individuals who have attained the age or changed class and their life insurance amounts are reduced. 

Notice of Death Form is to be used for reporting claims. It should be forwarded to us along with proof of eligibility, certified death certificate and copies of enrollment forms showing the current beneficiary.

Estate/Survivors Affidavit should be completed by the administrator, spouse, children, parents, brother or sister of the deceased to determine the first preferential beneficiary in cases where there is no named beneficiary form. Claimants statement(s) are required from all survivor beneficiaries. Both the Claimant’s Statement and the Survivor’s Affidavit must to be notarized.  If benefits are assigned, the named beneficiary has to provide valid assignment (signed and notarized). The benefits will be divided between all primary beneficiaries.

Claimant's Statement must be completed by all beneficiaries. When Life Insurance payments over $5000 are processed by Amalgamated Life, the proceeds will be delivered to the beneficiary in an interest bearing checking account- the Amalgamated Life Secure Benefits Account, unless the beneficiary specifically requests a lump sum check, or the total benefit is less than $5000. There is an election box on the bottom of the back page of the Claimant’s Statement. This must be completed for all claims. Further details will be provided to the beneficiary regarding the Secure Benefits Account if elected.

Statement of Claim for Accidental Dismemberment Benefits. This document must be completed by three parties: the insured member (dismembered), the insured group (union/company) and the insured member’s physician.

In the event of death, please submit a Death Certificate to Local 537 in order for the benefit to be processed.  We will then forward the forms we have on file to the insurance company paying the benefit.

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